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Learn the Hollywood Marketing Secret behind... 

The “Ultimate Book Biz”

How You Can Easily Build a 6-Figure Business by Ethically

Stealing The “$500 Million Way” to Turn Every $1 Generated

From a Book Into $100, $1,000… Even $10,000 and More!

Look. At. You.

You decided that you no longer want to play small.

You decided that you've had enough of seeing less talented, less experienced and less connected competition stealing the industry recognition and respect that is rightfully yours.

You decided that you deserve the world. And rightfully so.

After all… you earned it!

Most people don’t bet on themselves. Instead, they self-sabotage their success from unconscious beliefs that cripple their growth and revenue.  

You’re not one of those people. 

You know you deserve to create an incredible life and business.

And you’re the type of person who will see things through. 

Not only that, but you’re smart. I know this because you saw an opportunity to change your life and you took it. 

You had enough of your current reality and you decided to do something about it. 

You know that becoming a “bestselling author” would create an ocean of opportunity for you. You know that with a bestselling book you can finally attract the high-paying clients you can serve best. 

And finally, you also know...

You’re About to Start an Incredible Journey  

The future you is already smiling ear to ear, because that person knows what’s ahead for you… and the view is pretty great.

That said, we’re not quite done yet. Before you confirm your order on the next page, there's one last thing I want to share with you.

(I promise, this letter is short. But do be sure to read until the very end as this is a very special message I've prepared just for you.)

As of right now, you're on the fast path to a bestselling book…  

Yet, here's the truth:

While having a bestselling book is great… (I have eleven of my own after all!)...

There's a hidden business formula used by every famous marketer in the world… a formula that allows them to leverage a single book into a multi-million dollar empire.

A formula that I've spent the last 8 ½ years carefully mapping out… dissecting… and implementing for myself and a handful of other clients.

Because the truth is...

It's What You Do After Your Book Is Published That Makes All The Difference

As you are probably aware already, getting a consistent flow of high quality leads who are willing to pay you a fair price can be a challenge.  

And being able to do that without losing your shirt from expensive marketing costs can feel almost impossible some days. 

In fact, in a recent study by Harvard Business School… 81% of all consultants and service based business owners listed getting new clients as the #1 challenge in their business. 

You see:

If you're a marketer, a consultant, an agency owner... or you offer a valuable service…you know only too well the pain of difficult clients.

(The ones who complain about every little thing and try to nickel and dime you to death. 😖)

Which is why it's critical to set up an automated marketing system that pre-filters and pre-qualifies all of your leads and clients for you.

When you do, you'll be able to confidently raise your rates and never blink twice.

Plus, your daily stress will plummet to practically nothing. 🙏

That's exactly what happened to one of my clients.

She was a single mom who hung out her own shingle to start a tutoring agency for high-school age students.  

The issue was her nearest competitor was spending over $40,000 per month on local advertising.

How could a single mom compete with that kind of marketing firepower?

As part of her strategy, I recommended that she use the "Movie Star Method" to create a book... because no other agency in her market had one.

(She went from blank page to fully published in about six weeks. #Winning)

Then, we used the strategies from the Amazon Bestseller Code to drive her book up the bestseller charts… where she hit #1 in her category.

Finally, we plugged in this "hidden formula" into her business.

When we did, her phone started to ring… practically off the hook!

Famous A-list prospects who previously had turned her down flat... called back practically begging her to work with them…

Even Though Her Rate Was Now Double What She Quoted Them Initially!

Not only that, but having celebrity clients skyrocketed her reputation in that market. And soon, other hugely famous clients came knocking at her door too.

All because she deployed this hidden business formula.

Chances are… there are a few whale clients in your industry that would completely change the trajectory of your business as well. 

Imagine being able to call up your most difficult clients… the ones that suck up 80% of your time… cause 80% of your stress… and only provide 20% of your income (or less!)... and tell them:

"Sorry, I'm just too busy to work with you any more."

It's life changing!

You'll only work with clients who energize you… inspire you… and make your days feel joyful and free.

Here's the thing though… that only happens when you position your book in the right way once it's out.

Because there is an art and a science to leverage your book in a way that not only maximizes every marketing dollar you spend… it also attracts high quality clients who love you.

In fact...

This "Secret Strategy" is the Preferred Hidden Business Formula Behind Many the Wealthiest and Most Well Known Marketers in the World

People like:

They all leveraged this hidden business formula to create millions year after year… all from a single book!

And now YOU can tap into those exact same strategies...

use them to explode your revenue and profits...

all while using the little-known principles of leverage so you can... 

Make More While Working Less! 

Introducing the: 

Six-Figure Accelerator™...

The Secret to Turn Your Book into

6-Figure Revenue Streams 

This is the exact system, formula and strategy that other "in the know" marketers use to create additional streams of income for their business.

When you use it…you could easily create an additional six-figures on top of the income you already earn...

Just like it did for my tutoring client. (And she did it as a single mom!)

The great news is… when you leverage your book the right way, you can create your own six-figure sales flow with practically no extra work. #LazinessForTheWin!

When you add the Six-Figure Accelerator™ training to your order today, you'll be granted immediate access to a private membership site…

where I will walk you through the entire system step-by-step:

  • What to do with your book once it's published…

  • The exact business model deployed by the top marketers online. (The entire process is broken down… from initial ad all the way to the sale of your book)

  • How to use your book to lower your advertising costs to practically ZERO. Imagine that… getting unlimited leads… for FREE 

  • How to position your book online to attract your dream clients…

  • How to leverage your book content to create additional courses and coaching

  • How to be paid for your courses or coaching before you ever create them… 

  • How to use leverage your book into a years worth of daily content for your blog, vlog and social media accounts

  • How to leverage your book to stuff your calendar with prequalified, high-quality clients months in advance

  • As I say often:

    Work One Time And Harvest Multiple Results

    We're all busy nowadays. Yet when you follow the Six-Figure Acceleration System, you’ll skip months... if not years... of hard work, time and effort.

    Plus, you'll even be able to gather valuable case studies and testimonials while you implement the system so you can bump your conversion rates over time.

    By itself, the Six-Figure Acceleration System™ is everything you need to create an unfair advantage in your industry.

    Still... I don't want you to just have an advantage… I want to see you dominate.

    That's why when you add the Six-Figure Acceleration System™ to your order today...

    You will also get a special BONUS TRAINING:

    Bonus: How to Use Your Book to Create a Flood of Credibility Boosting Publicity and PR (a $1,997 Value)

    Who doesn't want to be featured on TV as an expert?

    Frankly, it's one of the fastest ways to create bulletproof influence in your market or industry.

    Most people think it's hard… if not impossible.

    And it can be… if you don't have a book. Lucky for you… in a few short weeks YOU WILL.

    That's why, for the first time ever, I am going to reveal some simple "Hollywood Hacks" that can create a flood of opportunity for you to be featured on TV, Radio, Podcasts and more.

    Everything is laid out for you, including who to contact and what to say. 

    This is exactly what I do any time I want to be on our local news:

    Getting interviewed on TV about the Movie Star Method

    And how I was even able to make an appearance on the the Ellen Show:

    Me making Ellen laugh. #AGoodDay!

    (Transparency Disclaimer: I'm not saying that YOU will get on the Ellen show as well. My appearance was a confluence of timing, perseverance and sheer dumb luck.)

    What I AM saying is that you can use these strategies for an almost endless cycle of local TV appearances, if that's what you want. 

    Look: I once attended a workshop that talked about some of these strategies. The price was $4,000.

    And the only other guy I know who teaches publicity like this charges $12,000… for the basic workshop. (He has other programs that are much more expensive.)

    So it's not hyperbole or exaggeration to say I should charge at least $2,000 for this.

    And, in fact, I have plans to actually release this as its own stand alone training this year at that price.

    You get it for FREE… 

    but only when you add the Six-Figure Acceleration System™ to your order today.

    And as if that wasn't already enough… I want to make sure that you actually implement what you learn.

    I don't want you to "know about" six figure accelerators… I want you to HAVE a Six-Figure Accelerator™ in your business.

    That's why… on top of the training and the free publicity bonus…

    You also get a personal Six-Figure Acceleration™ Quick Start call…

    Here’s why:

    A lot of this information will be new to you… and I've learned over the years that new information is the enemy of speed to implementation.

    Most of us were raised in a culture that conditioned us to believe that we have to "do it right". Otherwise, we get a big, red X highlighting every place we suck. #GreatForOurEgo's

    Unfortunately, many of us still carry that belief into our careers. 

    We'll see an opportunity, but before we jump on it we'll spend years studying and researching to make sure that when we do join... we do it the right way...

    By then, it's usually too late.

    That's why when you add the Six-Figure Acceleration System™ to your order today...

    You Also Get A Personal Six-Figure Acceleration™ Quick Start Call

    Me or one of my team will jump on the phone with you for up to 45 minutes to personally help you turn your skills, your knowledge, and your experience…

    ...into your own personal Six-Figure Accelerator™ Roadmap.

    With your Quick Start Call… it's practically impossible for you to ever get stuck…or be lost as to what to do next. 

    We're there to help you along the way.

    Until now... the only way you could get a personal Six-Figure Acceleration™ Call was to join my $6,500 mentoring program.

    However, since you've already proven that you're committed to your success… today you can get everything for a mere fraction of that.

    You can get the Six-Figure Acceleration System™...

    the first bonus training on how to get free publicity on radio, TV and podcasts...

    PLUS the Six-Figure Acceleration™ Quick Start call…

    for a single payment of only $297.

     If this isn’t a steal of a deal, then I don’t know what is.

    Obviously, my time is limited and there are only a certain number of calls me and my team can reasonably handle. 

    Once My Schedule Gets Too Busy, I'll Have No Choice

     But to Remove the Calls From This Offer. 

    Simply Click the Button Below to Get Started Now…

    The Six-Figure Acceleration System™ is the only system that gives you proven, easy to create "million dollar" funnels... 

    Lets you make money WHILE you create your new offers... 

    ...and teaches you little-known principles of leverage so you can work less and make more. 


    "work less and earn more" is pretty much a cliche these days...

    yet with this strategy it's all but guaranteed.

    In fact…

    One Coach Who Uses This Strategy Increased His Income To Over $300,000 Per Month…

    all while cutting his coaching time in half.

    And many coaches who learn this model go on to $50,000+ months… all while working less than two days per week.

    Obviously, I can't guarantee that you will make that kind of money too.

    However, I do want you to be aware of what is actually possible for you to achieve.

    The Six-Figure Acceleration™ System, Free Publicity Training AND Quick Start Call are not offered for this ridiculously cheap anywhere else. 

    Once you leave this page you'll never see this offer again.

    And while you can still get access to the System and the Quick Start call at a later date… you'll have to pay at least $6,500 to do so… since that's the only other place these are offered.

    So do yourself a favor... click the button below now…

    And get started today.

    By the way… if you've read this far and are hesitating because you're looking for a guarantee… here you go:

    My Iron Clad "Ivy League Guarantee" 

    Absolutely NO Refunds!

    What!? No Refunds?

    I know, I know!

    This is supposed to be the part where I bend over backwards, beg you to buy, and offer to let you joy ride my valuable intellectual property for as long as you'd like 100% risk free. 

    Sorry bub… doesn't work that way here.

    This program teaches my PERSONAL business model. EVERYTHING I know about how to build your “ultimate book biz” from scratch. I hold nothing back. 

    I'm not exposing it to thieves, cheapskates or people that are reluctant to invest in themselves.   

    If you're hesitating because $297 is a lot of money for you, then please… don't buy! You shouldn't be risking your mortgage money on your side hustle.  

    You should be shoring up your financial foundation so you can take risks without stressing out.

    If that offends you or scares you off… well "see ya!" 

    This is what I like to call an "Ivy League Guarantee". 

    If you go to Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Columbia, etc... it's on YOU to do something with the valuable education you receive. 

    You don't get to go to school for four years… and then say "You know… I just don't think this will work for me. Therefore, I want all my money back."

    The guarantee is that you'll get the education they promised.

    And it's the same here. 

    I guarantee you'll learn:

  • What to do with your book once it's published…

  • The exact business model deployed by the top marketers online. (The entire process is broken down… from initial ad all the way to the sale of your book)

  • How to use your book to lower your advertising costs to practically ZERO. Imagine that… getting unlimited leads… for FREE 

  • How to position your book online to attract your dream clients…

  • How to leverage your book content to create additional courses and coaching…

  • How to create your courses or coaching while you're taking people through it… (This means you could actually be paid before you even finish putting your full course, training or coaching together…)

  • How to use your book for your social media content, blog posts, videos… and more

  • But I can't guarantee that you will do the work... or that you will get the same results as me or many of my most prestigious clients. That would be dishonest. So I don't do it.

    That being said...

    I'm confident that if you'll put this training into action you'll make back every penny and more. I believe in this training and in you.

    I've priced it at a ridiculously low price for what it's worth. At least 10x what I'm asking...

    And this is a program for serious Marketers, Consultants, Agency Owners and service based entrepreneurs who understand that you pay to play. 

    If you don't believe that... I can't help you and I encourage you NOT TO BUY.

    Finally, this is how I "shake the tree" and make sure I only end up with top-quality people as clients.  

    Gotta walk the walk, ya' know? Can't promise to teach you how to attract high-quality clients without doing it in my own business!

    After years of working in the marketing industry I've become "picky" about who I work with. 

    So, please read the sales page THOROUGHLY and CAREFULLY before adding this to your order to make sure this is a good fit for you. 

    If after ALL THAT you're still ready to rock… we'll do just fine together! 😃


    Today Is Your Day…

    the day where you finally create the impact and the income in your business that you deserve…

    The Six-Figure Acceleration System™ is your fastest, surest path to the Ultimate Book Biz…

    I look forward to seeing you on the inside…

    Travis Cody