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How to Put Your New Book on the

Amazon Bestseller List in 3 Weeks or Less…

 Even If You Don’t Have An Audience

Bingo. You did it!

You just made the commitment to finally turn your hard earned wisdom, experience and learning into a book that will serve the world.

Before I send you to your order confirmation, I have something I want to run by you.

(This message is short BTW, so please read it till the very end. I figured I owed you one after that last page. 😳)

Let's do a quick summary:  

You came in (most likely) frustrated, overwhelmed and perhaps a bit down.

You were tired of seeing less talented, less experienced and less connected competitors hogging the limelight and celebrity clients. 

You knew you needed a book. You were willing to admit it. You knew the marketplace was unfair and you decided to do something about it. 

You looked at the situation then ran to the window and shouted at the top of your lungs:

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore!" 

Oh wait. That was the movie Network. 😆

Still… you were looking for the real answers and you found them with the 30 Day BookCamp™. 

Because there isn't a single aspect of your business that won't get better when you have a book.

Prospecting? Easier. 

Sales? Easier

Working with the RIGHT clients who see you as a mini-celebrity? Easier.

Almost guaranteed. 

Your anxiety levels will normalize. A sense of calm will wash over you. And the stress in your shoulders, back and neck will melt away as you start to experience a calendar that's booked with high-quality leads months in advance.

You will find new energy in what you do professionally... all over again. 

Instead of fighting over scraps or living paycheck to paycheck... 

You'll be Bathing in the Sun 

of Financial Freedom. 

Everything you worked so hard for, will pay off. 

And when all that happens, happiness will burst from your heart! (In a good way. Not in a gory, bloody way like in Alien. 👽 #PoorKane! )

And honestly… those are just SOME of the benefits. (The happiness. Not the chestburster Alien. 😬)

That's not to mention the new found confidence you'll feel from accomplishing something 99% of the population never will 

That's not to mention how you soon will be able to command the prices you deserve, which can allow you to finally start living the life you truly deserve. 

That's not to mention how you could build the business that not only turns a tidy profit… but a business you enjoy running and… makes YOU happy! 

So… from the bottom of my heart… from someone who struggled for twelve years before putting his first book out… I want to say...


You're just weeks away from having your book published and out in the world!

It's a tremendous feeling… and you deserve to celebrate it. 

There's only one question you have left to answer: Now what?!?

Now that your manuscript is finished… what's next?

Where do you go from here?

It's the Bestseller List or Bust, Baby!

And, despite popular "fake news" to the contrary... it’s far easier than you would imagine. 

It’s an incredible feeling when you see your name at the Top of the Charts. 

And I want you to experience it, not once… but MULTIPLE times… like many of my clients (as well as myself) have already done.

Look, there are a lot of theories and opinions about what it takes to get your book onto the Amazon Bestseller charts.

Most of them are from people who have never actually done it… or… if they have… they've only managed to do it one time. 

I've not only done it eleven times with my own books… (with four more books on the way this year)...

I've Helped 53 People Reach

"Amazon Bestseller" Status as Well

And the vast majority of the 2,463 people (at last count) who used the "Movie Star Method" to go from blank page to fully published in record time also became bestsellers.  

For authenticity and truths sake, I'm choosing to only focus on the people that I have personally helped set up and run their bestseller marketing campaigns.  

(Rather than resort to some sort of sales shenanigans that says it's ok to manipulate numbers to appear more successful than you actually are. #ManipulativeCopywritersSuck!)

For the people that I have personally helped, I have a 100% record for helping their books reach Amazon Bestseller status.

Once is luck.

Twice is coincidence.

53 times (and counting) is a hyper dialed-in process. 

In fact, it’s a repeatable system that works every single time.

Just ask my client Pamela.

She’s a successful Ivy League Educator who runs a brick-and-mortar tutoring agency. She wanted a book that would set her apart in the super competitive market her business was in.

She went through the same process you're going to experience in the 30 Day BookCamp™ to get her book finished, published and live.

Then she followed the next steps to let Amazon know her book was ready for sale.

She knew the system worked obviously... but she was shocked when…

The response was immediate.

Clients previously on the fence suddenly clamored for a private consultation. Even after she quoted them a price that was TWICE as much as she charged before her book became a bestseller. #BestsellerStatusForTheWin

She also was asked to do several interviews, including a prime radio show.

But like I said… anyone can do this once. That's a gimmick.

53 times (and counting)? That's a process.

A process we used for David when his book came out.

He had 14,447 downloads and saw his book reach #5 on the Amazon bestseller list... within 24 hours. His book was also listed under the “Hot New Releases,” which boosted his visibility even more.

Then there was Thomas Harrington. He was skeptical that this could work, so he took a book that had been sitting on his hard drive for ten years. 

Within a week he had 15,768 downloads and was #33 in a very competitive genre.

What Was the Trick?

The easiest way I can explain how you can get that bestseller status is with a quick discussion on “crowdfunding”.   

Specifically… we'll look at, which is considered the largest crowdfunding platform in the world.

Because when you understand how Kickstarter makes money, you understand how to become a bestselling author on Amazon.

I know, it's odd and it's random. But stick with me. After all, I'm the guy who found the answer to Book Writing in the world of fitness. And I paid that off, didn't I? ;-)

Like all platforms, Kickstarter is a business FIRST. Their model is to take a percentage of the product sales of all the newly launched products in exchange for the exposure they can provide.  

The best way to boost their share is to make sure the launches of new products do extremely well. The better a product does, the more money Kickstarter makes. 

Even better, when Kickstarter picks out the "hot products" and promotes them on their featured pages and to their email list… everyone makes more money from the added exposure. 

This begs the question: "How do they know what’s hot and worthy of exposure?" 


By measuring the MOMENTUM of sales. In other words, the number of units sold in a specific time period.

If Kickstarter was an A.I. named Jarvis, you would see Jarvis having a conversation with himself as a product launched:  

“I do say good chap, look over here. These new Mark 87 Repulsor prototypes are selling like crazy. Inform Mr. Stark that Project "Ride the Wave" is initiated." 

At which point Jarvis would feature the Mark 87 Repulsor Project on the home page, as well as send out a "hot deal" email to Kickstarter members to generate even more sales.

Make sense so far? Great!

Because Amazon has a similar practice when it comes to making money and 

Promoting YOU To Bestseller Status

(Only Amazon's A.I. is Alexa. Because female A.I. do things better and faster. Don't believe me? Then why did Tony Stark replace Jarvis with Girl Friday for his more advanced suits? Hmm? Hmmmm?!?)

When you understand how it works, you can put your book on the bestseller list in 3 weeks or less.

Like Kickstarter, Amazon wants to make as much money as possible. 

And, like Kickstarter, they benefit from finding products that are “Hot” and have momentum.

When you understand how to make your book “hot” with momentum… you can trigger the algorithm to activate Project "Ride the Wave" and get it to help promote your book to new customers.

Launching you to bestselling author status! #TakeThatJarvis! 🤖

Here’s the good news: After going through the Amazon bestseller process hundreds of times... I’ve developed…

A Step-by-Step Scientific Method for Getting Your Book to Bestseller Status, Fast.

Now I’ll admit…

We've used a lot of strategies over the years to help drive tens-of-thousands of downloads for our clients books.

Most of them are expensive, time consuming and extremely complicated. 🤦 

During that journey, I've identified the THREE EASIEST strategies that anyone can use to become a bestseller quickly. (The “Kickstarter Momentum Strategy” is just one of them.)

I'd like to share those three with you today.

Here’s how it works:

Recently, I did

 A Special "By Invitation Only" Training

...for our best coaching clients. Clients who belong to one of our $6,500+ coaching or mentoring programs.

On this training I pulled back the curtain to reveal what Amazon is looking for in published books… And how you can position your book to give them exactly that.

I also go over how you can make your book “hot” and capture momentum…

...even if you have no audience…

... and even if this is the first book you’ve ever done.

Next, I walk you through the simpleeasy steps that will help to catapult your book to the top of the charts using these “Project Ride the Way Strategies”.

Better yet, I reveal the specifics of how to attain momentum so Amazon promotes your book FOR you… 

...for Free!

And when they do… you'll watch your books downloads absolutely explode, just like it did for these authors. 

Travis Cody's services brought me over 15,000 downloads for my eBook, leading to increased revenues and heightened respect from potential clients. Thanks to Travis' Kindle Best Seller Service, I am now the only logical choice for parents of college-bound teens looking for inside tips to help their students. (And many of my clients are household names.) - 

Pamela Donnelly

#1 Bestselling Author

S.W.A.T. Team Tactics for Getting Your Teen Into College

Founder, Valley Prep Tutoring, Inc.

I recently worked with Travis and his "make your book a bestseller" marketing service. I have to be honest... I was a little skeptical. But lo and behold, in only a matter of days, I was a best selling author! If you get the opportunity to work with Travis, I highly recommend it. I highly endorse his book marketing service.

Doberman Dan

#1 Bestselling Author

Just Sell The Damn Thing™

Introducing the "Amazon Bestseller Code"

How to Practically Guarantee Your Book Becomes an Amazon Bestseller Every Time

When you add the Amazon Bestseller Code to your order today, you'll get instant access to the live training I did.

This is a LIVE, "over my shoulder" training where I go on to show you the entire process.

Not only that, but I log into a live Amazon publishing account and show you exactly where to go and what to do to set up your book… the right way… from the very first day.

It’s like you have me in the room coaching you every step of the way, as you plan your strategy to hit bestseller status. 

Follow along with the video and in less than two hours you’ll know everything you need to reach bestseller status.

And you'll be able to do it anytime you wish.

Do it over and over and over again and cement yourself as the top choice in your industry... making you “the hunted” instead of the hunter. (Let all the "lesser people" hunt for the scraps. 🏹)

When you unlock your Amazon Bestseller Code, you can quickly capture the prestige, celebrity and respect that turns you into the "must have" guest for TV, podcasts, youtube channels and more. 

Even better...

Clients will say “ yes” to you more often… with less work and convincing. 

And you can finally enjoy the fruits of all your hard earned experience and wisdom.


I know there is a lot of hype and a lot of talk in today's online world. (#HypeyCopywritersSuck!)

That's why I want you to know with absolute confidence that this is the real deal.

Listen to what Scott had to say when we used just one of these strategies on his book:

And then there was Ryan… a very successful Real Estate Investor whose first book struggled to find an audience.

Then we deployed strategy #2:

Today, Ryan is a MULTIPLE bestselling author after having used the Movie Star Method to create his second book in record speed. Once he was done, we deployed the Amazon Bestseller Code to reach the bestseller list once again.

Finally, there's Clark Bartram. Clark is a fitness model who has been on more magazine covers than just about any other model in the world.

When he came to us… he had a burning message that he knew had to be out in the world.

Listen to what he had to say about his experience after we used two of the strategies for him:

And those are just a few of the people we've used these strategies for.

These clients paid upwards of $6,500 to have us do everything for them. 

Today you get the three easiest strategies you can do on your own… 

for a single payment of just $177.60.

Why that odd price? Besides it being kinda "my thing?"

Because when you take the zero away you have 1776. The year the Declaration of Independence was signed.

With the 30 Day BookCamp™ you have everything you need to create a document that changes the world. Just like the United States Constitution.

But becoming a bestselling author? That's what will set you financially free.

When you see $177.60 on your statement next month, I want you to remember THIS DAY as the day you made your own declaration to see things through.

To finish the fight and give your book the recognition and attention that it deserves to have…

So you can change the lives of the people you were born to help.

Click the button below to add the Amazon Bestseller Code to your order today.

When you do, you'll immediately get an email that has a link with direct access to the training. You'll be able to watch it right away. 


Once you've done all the hard work so that your book is published and live in the world… you deserve to give it the boost it needs to reach critical mass.

And nothing brings me more joy than being able to call my clients and say...


 You're Officially a Bestselling Author" 

I want you to experience that as well.

So go ahead… let's add "Bestselling Author" to your Bio today too.

Click the button below to add the Amazon Bestseller Code to your order today. 

Yes! I Want To Be A Bestselling Author!

I've been in publishing, one way or another, for almost 40 years, including being a publisher myself (six authors' books in print). I can say without hesitation that I have NEVER seen anything as easy or powerful as this.I know this from personal experience, because my book hit #3 on the Amazon paid best seller list within 24 hours of being published. This blew my expectations totally out of the water! I highly recommend this service for anyone who is serious about having a best-selling book (which, not incidentally, is the numero uno credential you can have, period)

David Garfinkel

#1 Bestselling Author

Breakthrough Copywriting